Wow! Broads Adventure 2014 what a week?!! We had adventures on our six Yachts with God, loads of sunshine, as well as wind that always seemed to blow from the right direction, what else could you want? Our group totalled 36 including staff this year, spread over six boats.

We started our week to the north side of Potter Heigham, once the half of the fleet that were hired from the Whelpton Yard at Upton, had caught up and squeezed through the very small medieval arched bridge at Potter.

We started right in the north on Horsey Mere which was a great place to get all the kids and skippers back on the water sailing and learning all we needed to learn for the week ahead, including important 'man overboard drills', just in case. From Horsey Staithe by the wind pump, we walked to the beach on the North Sea where we found that the sea had washed away a lot of the normal soft sand - and no seals this year as the sea was really rough caused by the high winds.

On Monday we all had to lower the boat's masts to pass under Potter bridge, stopping briefly for a walk around the shops (or should that be 'shop')! Travelling south we moored fairly early in the week where showers were available, in the living museum of sailing that is Hunter's Yard, then on past St Bennett's Abbey to South Walsham Broad where we moored in the trees which provided a sheltered anchorage. This was followed by a sail up the river Ant, that took the fleet under another bridge at Ludham and to Barton Board. On the route up the Ant we found time to touch land, mooring at How Hill to give to kids a run around and a chance to stretch their legs and play a couple of games ashore.

The Spiritual Program was based on the Youth Alpa course with talks titled 'My Jesus'. We had subjects such as, 'Who is He?', 'God's Great Plan', 'How can I be sure?', 'My Walk with him', 'The Holy Spirit', 'Jesus who Heals' and ending with 'Jesus for the Rest of my life'.

The one big thing we as skippers learned this year was that in the talks or quiet times that we are here to give these young people tools to train them for 'real life' back home. It's really easy to feel close to God in his creation using the wind to drive the boats. The kids really became involved and there were testimonies, times of open prayer and the discussions in quiet times and through the talks really helped them think about God and what Jesus can do in their lives - and that was our prayer for each one that came, that they would go deeper with God and get to know Jesus better through the week.

As always God really impacted our group over this week, I know that we as skippers learned from our discussion with the youngsters as well as hopefully being able to answer their questions and make Jesus real in their lives.

Now that it's over, our prayer is that everyone will think of God as closer and more real to them than before we left... and of course we'll start praying for Broads Adventure 2015!!